OHTO lists vacation packages!

2013.05.07 | Canoeing at Bon Echo

The OHTO is pleased to announce that we have made the process of listing vacation packages on the Ontario’s Highlands website more convenient. As an OHTO member, you are now able to submit a package via a convenient online form. Simply log into your membership account and click the ‘Submit a Package’ button and complete the online form. Once submitted, the OHTO will review the package, work with you to ensure the content is web ready and appealing to the target market, and post your package online on the consumer website at ontarioshighlands.ca.

What is a Vacation Package?

A vacation package is an easy way for your visitors to purchase their travel, taking the headache out of planning a trip. Packages typically include a combination of accommodations, activities, or services that are sold together to offer convenience and/or value to visitors.

Canoeing at Bon Echo

Canoeing at Bon Echo

About Ontario Trails

The Ontario Trails Council (OTC) - Conseil des Sentiers de l'Ontario – is a charity that promotes the development, preservation, management and use of recreational trails in Ontario. http://www.ontariotrails.on.ca/
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